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Hello World!  Today, on this lovely day in southeast Texas, I’m sharing info about resveratrol and grape seed extract (found in grapes) as this is something I take daily. Grape seed extract is something I’ve taken for many years and resveratrol for the past five years or so…

Do you eat grapes that are rich in resveratrol & grape seed extract?
Do you eat grapes that are rich in resveratrol & grape seed extract?

The Fruit that Protects against Colon Cancer

While there has been much controversy about resveratrol

Do you ever research different supplements & their benefits?
Do you ever research different supplements & their benefits?

supplements in recent times, new research from Pennsylvania State University closes the book on fruit containing this compound and its ability to protect you against getting colon cancer. That’s promising news for the 95,500 Americans the American Cancer Society predicts will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year alone.

The new study,

published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, found that

You can get this supplement from grapes or grape juice or a daily supplement...
You can get this supplement from grapes or grape juice or a daily supplement…

resveratrol—a plant nutrient known as a “phytonutrient”, may actually suppress colon cancer stem cells, giving researchers and sufferers of this disease alike hope for a new prevention and treatment for them.

Cancer stem cells are cells that are believed to drive the creation of new cancer cells and cancer

tumors. The researchers found that in addition to suppressing colon cancer stem cells, resveratrol found in grapes also significantly reduced the number of cancer tumors—a whopping 50% reduction in the number of cancer tumors.; that’s a big number!

The same researchers also found that resveratrol

in food combined with grape seed extract was an even more potent anti-cancer mixture than just resveratrol alone. They found that grape seed extract seemed to increase the potency of resveratrol.

Resveratrol has also shown great promise in your prevention and

Increase blood flow to your brain. Healthy Brain: Resveratrol can help you!...
Healthy Brain: Resveratrol can help you!

treatment of brain diseases, due to its ability to protect your brain from damage. In this capacity, resveratrol mops up harmful free radicals and protects against plaque that is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

While it remains to be seen whether resveratrol supplements

offer the many health benefits of the compound that is naturally found in

Do You have a Healthy Heart?
Do You have a Healthy Heart?

foods, it’s clear that your food sources of this plant nutrient may offer protection against your getting diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and cancer. Some research even links the nutrient to your protection against damage from the heavy metal cadmium. Cadmium is found in cigarettes, black rubber, burned motor oil, some ceramics, fungicides (like those sprayed on apples, potatoes and tobacco), some refined wheat flour, tires, silver polish, some water and some soft drinks (from vending machines with cadmium in the pipes). It may also protect your kidneys against damage from the antibiotic gentamicin.

The food mixture

used in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine study involved a

Do you drink grape juice?
Do you drink grape juice?

blend of grape skins and grape seeds. This combination offers both resveratrol and grape seed extract. I use a high-powered blender to blend whole purple grapes that contain seeds into a drink so it’s easier to obtain the health benefits of grape seeds, without the unpleasant texture so many people dislike. Stir periodically as you’re drinking your grape juice blend to ensure the seed and grape skin pulp are mixed.

Experts have been recommending high amounts

of colorful produce in our diet for years. Research like this new study offer

Wash your fruits & vege's with baking soda
Wash your fruits & vege’s with baking soda so that you can get the maximum benefits for yourself..

greater insight into the rationale for doing so: colorful fruits and vegetables tend to have the highest amounts of phytonutrients. Purple and blue foods tend to have the highest amounts of resveratrol, but the plant nutrient is high in many foods, including: purple grapes, purple grape juice, red wine, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, peanuts, grape seed extract, eucalyptus and spruce.

While many people tout red wine as your best source of this nutrient,

the alcohol (and frequently sulfite) content offset some of its health

Red wine also contains resveratrol. Do you drink it?
Red wine also contains resveratrol. Do you drink it?

benefits. Fresh purple grapes and grape juice seem to be your best sources of resveratrol.



I believe this is good information for you to know. I take resveratrol in supplement form as it’s the easiest and most affordable way for me. Even if it doesn’t have as many benefits as the fruit itself, it still has some, which is better than none. Do you take resveratrol or grape seed extract? Please let me know your thoughts about this supplement…

Have yourself a great healthy day!

Enhance Your Life with Mother Nature. Great for Mind, body & Spirit!
Enhance Your Life with Mother Nature! Great for your Mind, Body & Spirit!





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