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Hello World!   Hope you’re world is treating you great today.  Woke up to nasty stuff – Lots of rain throughout the night; lots of water in my backyard.  More Texas “Snow” today.  More coming & it should end by tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to see the sun shine again… I have no idea why I start my posts with a weather report. I’m sure most of you don’t care about my weather as you are elsewhere with your own issues to deal with. Oh, well, appreciate your putting up with me.

My Friend, The Sun!

Decided to stay in today & wash curtains. Not much fun, but needs to be done. I may as well make use of this day without sunshine… I just finished rehanging all the curtains I washed. Glad that’s done.

Today I am going to talk about an appropriate topic “WATER” & how it is good for you. We need to keep hydrated. I like to drink water (not crazy about all this rain, but the plants like it. I already saw new baby shoots at the bottom of the dead stuff 🙂 ) & I hope you do too. I found this interesting info online…

This Is How It Feels to Be Fully Hydrated

When was the last time you finished a glass of water? Think about it. Are you thirsty right now? Odds are, your thirst is mounting the more you think about it.

We train ourselves not to pay attention to our thirst. We often dismiss it as a nagging sensation, but it’s actually pretty darn important. Thirst is your body asking you for a little more life-giving water;  great things will happen if you give in to your body’s modest demands by fully hydrating yourself: improved mood, increased energy, normal bladder & sweat gland function, moist skin & plump lips, lack of muscle fatigue & headaches. Yes, your body will pretty much function at its optimal level when you’re fully hydrated.

But, here’s the kicker: your body is constantly moving towards a state of dehydration. Either body processes are using up water or the environment is sucking it out of you. While it’s certainly good to be aware when you are fully hydrated, many of us are more likely to be slightly dehydrated than over-hydrated.

A state of slight dehydration manifests in two major ways:

Thirstiness. If you have thirst, dry lips & a dry mouth, you are already slightly dehydrated.  That’s the entire point of the thirsty sensation. It’s your body saying, “Hey brain, we need water down. It’s not an emergency, but it’d make things flow a lot more smoothly.”  No amount of mints or lip balm can do quite what water can. If you find yourself very dry & thirsty every day, make drinking water upon waking in the morning a prioritized habit, especially if you consume a lot of caffeine or tend to exercise heavily.

Pee. If your urine is darkly colored, you need more water on a more regular basis. A fully hydrated body produces clear, pale or light yellow urine.

Famous Statue in Brussels

Check out this chart for reference. (If you see bright yellow urine in the morning after breakfast, know that excess B vitamins may be excreted as a vividly bright urine—aka your multivitamin routine. Also, if you pay attention to your pee, you’ll always know when you ate beets.)

Other symptoms of slight to moderate dehydration include dry skin, dry mouth, irritability, muscle fatigue, headaches & dizziness.

What should you do when these happen? DRINK SOME WATER! It’s so easy! Commercialization of bottled waters & sports drinks have implanted the idea that there is somehow a right & wrong way to hydrate. Really, all it comes down to is drinking when you’re thirsty. Your body knows what’s up. Just listen up, give it what it asks for & you’ll be fine.

You’ll be amazed by how much more energy you have throughout the day simply by hydrating properly. Keep a carafe on your counter, ready to drink, at all times. It’s nature’s purest energizer.

Good info! I drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily (80-100 oz). It’s habit just like anything else; & it happens to be a VERY GOOD habit so try to do so daily… Drinking water will never hurt you. Think of water as your friend.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about “Sore Feet”. If you’re a walker, runner or work  on your feet all day, we’ve all had this issue. I’m a walker & have had Plantar Fascitis a couple of times. I’ll discuss this & what I found tomorrow. In the meantime……

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