Welcome To My World – Day 2 – Finding My Niche


Today is the 2nd day of my new blog. I did my tribute to Snowman yesterday & today I need to begin to figure out what my niche will be. What do I want to write about daily? Animals definitely interest me, but there are so many other subjects.

I am a granny (me in the pic) & have been around the block a time or two so I’d like to help those out there who are having a tough time right now. I certainly know that making a day to day living can be rough at times. Making ends meet is not always easy. Borrowing from Paul to pay Peter, I sure know how that goes.

I was divorced when my son was very young & moved a few thousand miles away from where his dad lived, so I basically raised my son on my own. I give myself a pat on the back for a job well done in the child rearing dept., but at times, it was rough (to say the least). My son didn’t know about sacrifices I made. I didn’t want him to. I am also stubborn which is good & bad, but I always seem to “keep on pluggin'” & there have been some ROUGH patches along the way. I always seem to land on my feet. Maybe that is where my love of cats comes from.

So, what I am saying here is that I have some experience that I feel might help others NOT make the same mistakes I made. I always had to learn by doing & sometimes that is the hard way. Now, here I am – not quite as old as dirt, but getting there, & I’m starting a blog. I have no idea where this will go & wonder why I didn’t do this some years ago. We all know what they say about hindsight & I won’t go there. It isn’t comfortable to kick yourself in the butt…

I learned many of my lessons prior to social media so my life wasn’t so “global oe public” back then. I am old enough to remember when there weren’t computers for everyday life. We didn’t know any better, so we got along (or so we thought) just fine. It is both easier & harder now. Easier because we have access to so much info, literally at our fingertips, but harder because the errors of our ways are out there for all to see. And that can be difficult.

I find my biggest challenges are the tech issues I encounter along the way. I am definitely “technically challenged” and that should tell you that if you are too, you can learn the basics. IF I can, I know you can too. I don’t believe there’s a need to be a guru to do this. I have so much still to learn. The journey has just begun & I look forward to it, in between the cursing (and I can do that like a sailor) when something doesn’t go my way. I continue to have “challenges” but keep on going forward.

Confidence is another issue. Life has a way of beating us down, but I’ve decided to press forward no matter what. I want to feel good about myself again & know that I still have something to offer to others. I saw a post on Facebook recently showing a kitten looking in a puddle & seeing a tiger staring back at him. There are times when I feel as though I’ve lost my “inner tiger” & I want her back. I’d also like to help others find or restore their “inner tiger”.  It’s there, we just need to nourish it.

I hope I will help others to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am beginning to see light again. For a while I wasn’t sure.

So, maybe I’ve picked my niche. If I can help others NOT make the dumb mistakes I made & help them find some peace & confidence along the way because things are working out, I’ll be a happy granny… See you tomorrow.

Tomorrow I think I’ll begin to explore some of the ways one can make a living from home so if you have kids or other things that keep you at home, don’t worry, but be ready to have some patience (something I’ve been sadly lacking along the way). Try to take this one day at a time. That may sound cliche, but it works. You too will have a niche. You too can find something you want to do & enjoy it… Til Tomorrow